time (management)

how do you manage your time?

i’ve been struggling recently with finding a happy balance in life with accomplishing those things that i need to do while still affording myself time to relax and unwind.  i’d almost go as far as to say that it’s a mid-thirties crisis of sorts…

i feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of books i want to read, programs i want to watch, games i want to play – not to mention people i want to spend quality time with.

any tips for how you achieve balance?

traveling mercies,

paying it forward

i’m not sure what it is about me, but for whatever reason, i am always amazed by the sheer number of people who stop me on the street to ask for directions.

today was no exception.

after spending my lunch hour walking around downtown catching up with a friend, as i was heading back to my office a woman stopped me on the street not more fifteen seconds after i had parted ways with said friend.

“excuse me, can you provide me with directions?” she asked, carrying a large box.

the exchange continued for a little while as i informed her that i had a good idea where place X was, but that i’d better look it up on my phone just to be sure (i would hate to give someone wrong directions, after all).

i apologized for my slow phone (3G), and she laughed as she pulled out her flip phone saying, “that’s quite alright!”

after confirming which direction she needed to head and providing her with the address for her destination she thanked me as i smiled and began to walk away.

“i’ll pay it forward!” she shouted, turning to me.

i smiled at that.  what a beautiful thing to say.

chances are, i will never cross paths with this woman again so she will not be able to “return the favor”, but she can bless someone else with help along the way and that (in my opinion) is just as – if not more-so – beautiful.

traveling mercies,

grace (eventually)

“you need to give yourself more grace” my counselor once told me as i was heading out his office after a session. “God has given you more grace than you give yourself.”

“damn, that’s huge”, i thought to myself as i exited.  “i am hard on myself.”

i have a wonderful little device that tracks my daily steps called fitbit flex – it’s a small device that you wear on your wrist and go about your day while it tracks your daily activity (the idea is to get in 10,000 steps a day, minimum) – anyway, long story *very* short, my fitbit gave up the ghost the other day.  after sending a few emails back and forth with the manufacturer in an attempt to troubleshoot, they apologized for my device no longer working and suggested that i return it to the original point of purchase – only problem being, i no longer had the receipt.

i shot them back another email and apologized that i no longer had the receipt, but that i knew the day i purchased the item and where it was purchased.  (i had purchased it at target – on black friday – when that whole mess that you’ve no doubt read about started).  i couldn’t even go to target with my debit card to do a receipt look up because i no longer had that debit card thanks to, well, certain circumstances…

i received an email back from fitbit saying that they would make an exception as they could verify when i set up my online account with them and activated my device, so they would send me a replacement free of charge.


& then i was hard on myself.

i began internally berating myself, “why didn’t you keep the receipt? you’re normally so good at that!”

i confessed this negative self talk to my friend right away and she told me in a loving, friend-like way to, “let it go! it’s taken care of!”

i’m still soaking in her reply, still trying to *really* believe that it’s all okay, that this was only a bump in the road and not a major roadblock.

i’m still learning how to give myself grace for not being more put together.  i’m still learning to give myself grace and believe that i do not have to be perfect.

i’ll get there (eventually).

traveling mercies,

taking initiative

one of the (many) things i struggle with in life is taking initiative when it comes to – well – anything.

i’m great at doing the things that i’ve been asked to do be it personally or professionally, but when it comes to my 1.) seeing a need and 2.) responding to it, i’m simply not there.

i was talking with my boss the other day about some work-related things, and he asked me to be intentional about scheduling meetings with him to review what i’ve been learning about software i use rather than his coming to me and inquiring.

something like that sounds so simple, but for some reason it does not come easy for me.

how does one combat this inability to be intentional and take initiative?  is it just another thing in life that takes practice and an intentional moment-by-moment awareness?

i’d love to hear your thoughts.

traveling mercies,