something random

i have a certificate hanging up in my office that signifies that i have the gift of eloquence.

if you’ve spent time with me, you’d know that i possess this gift. *grin*

it was given to me in june 2002 while i was living in ireland.

i kissed the blarney stone.

your turn –

what random item/talent/gift do you possess?


10 thoughts on “something random

  1. I have the knack to remember random, odd facts and bring them up in conversations when they really don’t apply.  I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing:).

  2. I can cross my eyes and then roll them in opposite directions…I can also make one of them move independently of the other. it hurts though, and most people get creeped out watching it, so I don’t do it a lot.

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