sometimes it is all i know
all i can see, all i can hope for
without looking too far
in the future

“sometimes, all we are shown is our next step.  that next step is always the only step we need to take” – j. cameron, letters to a young artist

you’ll step with me –
won’t you?
we’ll do this together.

i think it is natural to want to work towards something – a goal, if you will.

i have two things i’m working to save up for.  i hope to get both this year:

1.) a trip to cincinnati, oh to attend otr’s christmas show at the taft (december ’07)

2.) this:

why? – because my current vacuum doesn’t suck. :)


7 thoughts on “

  1. I want one of those, too! Sean and I drool over them every time we go to Target. We don’t really have much carpet right now, so we don’t need it. But, one day, I will have one! :)Twinkling for Jesus,Michelle

  2. I think it would be cool to go to Cincinnati just for heck of it… seriously, it’s almost up there on my list of North American cities to visit (probably # 32)… 1. Tucson; 2. Boston; 3. St. Louis; 4. Lexington, KY; and 5. Edmonds, WA :)JOHNNY B

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