let’s pretend that you’ve invited me to your hometown for a weekend (why in your right mind you’d do this – i don’t know – but let’s pretend anyway).

my question to you today is this:

what site/event/location/etc would you take me (a tourist) to first?

to be fair, i’ll answer my question before you:

if you came to seattle to visit me, i’d take you here


19 thoughts on “

  1. I would take you to Rebecca Spit.    I’m going to be in your hometown on Thursday (and on Monday!).  Same with a particular former co-worker of yours.  Too bad we won’t have time to hit the Market.

  2. i have childhood memories of pikeplace market! i have family that lives in washington and my parents always loved hitting up pikeplace market on a visit to seattle. olympia is the city where i attended kindergarten.

  3. I’ve decided that since you’ve been to both Calgary and Three Hills and I’ll never admit to Spruce Grove being my home town, that my home town will be Acme.  If I took you to Acme we’d start out with $5 to spend on as much candy as we can get from Acme foods and the Corner Store.  Then I’d take you to the rope playground to which we’d picnic there with out candy.  We’d also swing around on the ropes (which are far enough off the ground for even you to swing out and up) for hours after we reach that perfect sugar high.

  4. Chicago: the Belmont stop on the Brown line. Awesome vintage/resale shops, plenty of places to tattoo/pierce whatever you wish, and all the people watching stories one could hope for.Pike place, good choice. :)

  5. If I asked you to Calgary, the first place I’d take you is the James Joyce Pub…even though you’ve been there before. Because it’s awesome. Then I’d show you my favourite view in the city (it’s not too far from Peter’s so we could all stop there first and watch the sunset with our milkshakes). The next day, we’d take the c-train to Heartland in Kensington, my favourite coffee shop in all of Calgary. They make the BEST ginger cookies, and their lunch menu is always FANTASTIC. My favourite lunch thing there is the cream of tomato soup, so I’d pray that they had it that day.

  6. Wow, um, my hometown is SMALL. Growing up there I was hopelessly bored most of the time. However there is a lot to do in the outdoors there. The first place I’d take you would be Expedition Island (it’s a lil island in the Green River where John Wesley Powell started his expedition to the Grand Canyon). The river there is great for kayaking though I’ve not ever gone kayaking myself. Maybe we could just float on some inner tubes or something. Other options would be Scott’s Bottom (funny name for a park), Flaming Gorge (beeyoootiful), the city library – it’s little but awesome!, or Edgewater Park. Good times!

  7. I’d take you to Acme, too, but most of our time there will probably be spent in jail, after being busted for breaking into our (old) house. We’ll try to get Kimmie’s stuff in first, ‘kay?  

  8. Most people come to my city to shop at the Mall of America (sad, I know… the place is soul-less with a few exceptions). However, I would take you skating on frozen (let us hope) connected ponds surrounded by beautiful trees and lights. It’s the pure essence of MN city.If you didn’t skate or if you’re a cold phobic, there’s always the science museum or the Guthrie theater.I’ve never really thought about that question before. Good one.

  9. well i suppose that if you came to my home town i would have to take you on a tour [which includes a short toy train ride and a trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out your own pumpkin] of Remlinger Farms. When I was a kid you could go there to pet farm animals for free, now if you want to pet the farm animals you have to pay at least $5 for tickets and you only get to actually touch the sheep.
    or i could take you on a tour of Carnations Farms – in the olden days they made Carnation Instant Breakfast there, now they make that in PA and Carnation farms doesn’t have even one cow – they just do conferences and grow cotton trees to sell to a paper mill.
    my home town’s really not that exciting actually…

  10. well….It depends on where i am at that time. If it were at UNI, i’d take you to the dr pepper museum and then around town to my favorite hangouts (Common Grounds, Beatnix, etc) but if I were where my ‘rents live, I’d take you to Daybreak for a cup o’ joe, and then to the science spectrum/omnitheatre. and if I just happened to be where I graduated high school, to valentino’s and then to Dublin say, why don’t you come to texas?

  11. Honestly, I don’t like it as much as her other 2.  Still, it’s a good mellow CD, but not one I would rave about.
    And you’ve been to my hometown, so I’m sure you’ve seen everything there is to see. BUT, it you head back to Three Hills in the summer, go to where the old Junior High used to be and there is a pine tree, standing all by itself.  That is the perfect tree to lean against with a good book and a glass of lemonade.

  12. Here is a question is your hometown where you live or is it where you feel most at home or is it where you grew up? I would definitely rule out GP as a hometown because I have no attachment to this place whatsoever… and so that leaves where I grew up, where I spent my summers and where I went to college. If you were to come to Vernon in the summer I would take you hiking to Rattlesnake point, if in the winter tabogaaning at Silver Star (skiing if you were into it) then after either event coffee at “The Talking Donkey” In Summer we’d do much more because we would most likely check out the Greymonk Winery and Davisons Orchards. I love the okanagan in the summer :)

  13. Hmmm, I might take you on the new aerial tram, just because it looks like one of those things that I’ll never ride unless I have someone from out of town with me, lol.Or maybe I would just take you to Powell’s, cause you know, its a really big bookstore and all!

  14. Where I´m currently living:
    Santa Cruz, Bolivia: I´d take you to the street markets to buy vegetables and haggle over prices. Afterwards, a second-story cafe that has excellent balconies. Maybe the Catholic church, to see the architecture. Then, for contrasts, to see the poorest section of town, where the people live in tents and heaped rubble, and directly afterwards to the richest section of town, where armed guards wait in front of the soaring houses. You wouldn´t leave the same.
    If you came this weekend, I´d take you to Carnaval (Mardi Gras) and explain the traditional dances to you.

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