i knew today was going to be special while when walking to work i noticed that someone had hand-written the same note on small pieces of paper and taped them on all of the light posts downtown near westlake center:

“happy valentine’s day”


10 thoughts on “

  1. Every day, I used to drive by graffitti painted on an overpass that said, “Good Morning Beautyfull” (intentional misspelling on my part) and pretend that it was for me.

  2. Friend- I’d love to, believe me, but that’s all right at the end of my tour in england dates- I’m back on the 18th, somehow getting yet another flight, and then on the twentieth I’m in ontario for a wedding… however, there is a very good possibility I’ll be somewhere nearby later in the summer… will see…

  3. Sigh. Had to add, haven’t read that Cameron yet, either. I’ve mostly read her creativity books… just picked up a new one designed for emergencies: Supplies. It’s a bit of a different style from her full length treatments, just a brief, no b***s*** guide to dealing with the monsters in your life. A Julia Cameron book with strong language. Shocking and so very s-weet.
    Tried The Artist’s Way yet? You must read it. And The Right to Write, and The Sound of Paper. And Walking in This World and everything else…
    Oh, and I’ve been cheating and reading online, but Letters to a Young Poet is on its way…

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