tribute to monty python

what is your name?

what is your quest?

what is your favourite colour?

my answers –


to be out of debt by the end of the year and start looking at purchasing a home of my own



10 thoughts on “tribute to monty python

  1. What, is your name? (I am Arthur, king of the Britains)What, is your quest? (To see the Holy Grail)What, is the velocity of an unladen swallow? (An African or European swallow?)I dunno… WHEEEEEEEEEE… (falls to his death)

  2. 1)Anthony2)To graduate finally from Prairie and to be full-time at the greatest job ever here in Three Hills… Best Western Night Audit3)Silver

  3. name: K-Suep
    quest: to have a computer that works by this weekend (it’s kinda lofty) and a working car that doesn’t grind 1st gear or shake while accellerating
    colour: i’m in the mood for light springy green.  it changes often.

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