is it just me…

or does it seem like xanga-friends are ‘colliding’ with each other?

(and by ‘colliding’ i mean something along the lines of ‘meeting’)

my xanga world is becoming one close little family.

:) i love it.


5 thoughts on “is it just me…

  1. I still haven’t met you–unless you have come through my line at Rite-Aid and just didn’t tell me who you were! There were a couple of guys that I wondered about–who actually called me by name when they were talking to me, but then I thought–“No, surely if it was Josh he would let me know it was him”.

  2. Hmmm… I’m pretty sure that no one I talk to on Xanga lives anywhere near me… so no meeting in person, no. But I think you and I read some of the same blogs.

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