i like to find joy in the journey if not in the destination in itself.

i’m able to accept this in the literal sense – if, say, i’m going on a road trip [which i am – i’m leaving tomorrow morning and will be back monday night].  but ask me to take this in a metaphorical sense and i have difficulty accepting such.

i don’t know where i’m going.  i can see the road ahead of me – the street named “today” – and i’m sometimes able to catch glimpses of the avenues of “tomorrow” [even if those glimpses last for but a moment].

this morning i saw a small child [probably not more than four or five years old] with her father – they were walking past me to go up one of the many escalators that are in the building i work in downtown.

upon approaching the escalator, the dad begins his ascent up the escalator, thinking that his child would be right behind him.  turning around to make sure, he notices that his child is at the bottom of the escalator, afraid to step onto the moving stairs, unsure of where they would lead, afraid she might fall.

the father – with love for his child – runs back down the escalator and offers his daughter his hand and together they ascend to the floor above…

as i saw this i couldn’t help but think of where i am at in my life right now.

i can see where i need to be, but the journey to reach my destination is sometimes filled with things i don’t want to do – i am afraid i might fall – afraid i might hurt myself.  i, like that child, realize that i need to get to the next “floor” of my life and yet i’m afraid to do so.

i must remember that much like that small girl had her father looking out for her, i, too, have a Father looking out for me on my journey of life.  a Father who’ll hold me by the hand and lead me through difficult times along my journey of life.

even if my destination is uncertain to me.


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  1. … beautiful, the imagery of this moment became so real to me… thanks for sharing friend… may we take the time to enjoy the journey as we keep our eyes on the destination :D ~K

  2. Hey, this is a message I am copy and pasting to everyone.  I am trying to get people’s opinions on communities.  I need thoughts.  When you come check my xanga out could you please offer your thoughts?  I may have already had a footprint on your site.  I need your help.  THANK YOU
    ( I know it is impersonal… but seriously thank you!)

  3. Wow. You’re such an observer. Thank you for that… I’m not getting teary, nope, not me.
    I hate getting up through the stuff to the next floor, too, my friend. Mostly because it always seems like there will be more, like I’m endlessly needing to get to one more floor- one more, and then I can rest. But really, you’re right. We will never reach a destination while we live. We’re built to move forward through time, whether we like it or not-I’ve always pictured a conveyer belt or one of those villainous walls creaking ever forward, pushing you toward the next place (is that a cliff?), but a big scary (shudder) escalator is quite perfect… ever forward and up. So, time always moves us, we’re on a journey whether we like it or not. It’s just our own choice: will we trust enough to be helped, or will we get eaten by the evil escalator… hem, my prejudices might be showing here… I meant, or will we have to be tugged, prodded, and pulled, kicking and screaming, or lifted, catatonic, up to the next place? The way we get there will have great consequences in the next level, won’t it? We might find ourselves on new ground, angry, hurt, and un-teachable, or we might not even realize we’re arrived.    

  4. I had my friend here at school read that.  I love envisioning God as my encouraging Father, it’s a very natural image for me and my most comforting.  Your imagery is perfect, and it’s wonderful that you can just look at the world and make translations from situations and see a universal truth in it.  I think my escalator is going very slow, and the floor I’m wanting to hit is still to far up.

  5. I haven’t.  Is it good? 
    Yeah, having a pint or two or a dram of Scotch is something I’d like to be able to do. 
    So more school eh?  That’s awesome.  I hope you can.  What or where are you thinking about?

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