photo journey – part V

many of you may remember a request i made a while ago for you to submit ideas for photographs i should take.  (read original entry here)

a college friend of mine requested a photograph of the seattle skyline from the ferry:

and finally, a photo of yours truly, navigating the waters of puget sound (and looking mightily mighty doing it, i might add) :

happy monday, friends. :)



4 thoughts on “photo journey – part V

  1. I’m impressed with your memory about a comment that was posted over a year ago! Still awaiting to see a pic of my request ;) but no hurry I suppose I could wait a year too :D Love you bro ~K

  2. You do look mightily mighty while crossing on the ferry. (I can’t help but think of the ferries in Grey’s Anatomy… I wish I weren’t addicted to that show!) But ferries are lovely no matter what. So is Seattle. Wish I were there!

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