literary geeks, unite!

if you could meet any fictional character, who would you like to meet [and why]?

i’ll go first – i’d like to meet jean valjean.  the reason being is that i am under the impression that he learned to understand what grace is really all about [on multiple occasions, nonetheless].

your turn. :)

happy friday,


13 thoughts on “literary geeks, unite!

  1. Woo hoo!! I love questions like these. However, they’re also incredibly hard to answer. But… Jean Valjean is such an excellent one. What a character. I cried through the whole last 3rd of Les Miserables the first time I read it.
    I’d say INTERESTING to meet might be Scarlett O’Hara… so fascinating in an awful yet addictive sort of way. Plucky and dangerous.
    I don’t know… I’ll come back to you on this one.  =)

  2. Re your comment: works for me since we’ve already established I have nothing to do. Better pass it by your wife first though she may have some surprise outing planned for you that you wouldn’t want to ruin.

  3. Alexis Zorba from Zorba the Greek. I don’t think there is possibly a character with more joie de vivre or homespun wisdom. And if you haven’t read that book, I highly recommend it.
    Although Jean Valjean and Scarlett would be amazing as well.

  4. Ooh. Your post title was irresistable.That’s really difficult to answer, though! A (relatively) easy & safe response would be Gandalf for me personally… But I think I’d have to go with Taran the Pigkeeper from Lloyd Alexander’s Book of Three. Amazing writer. Great character.Take care!

  5. when i was a kid, i totally wanted to be sherlock holmes! now, no thank you. the poor man was brilliant, but i think he was so well acquainted with the depravity of humanity that it prevented him from embracing his own. so now i can’t answer, because i don’t tend to read as much fiction at this point. (although i am reading ‘the alchemist’ right now, and greatly enjoying it).

  6. If I was yet to meet anyone of them, I’m pretty sure I’d get to meeting Jean Valjean when everyone else is done with him, and Sherlock Holmes and Gandalf and Mitth’raw’nuruodo soon after… I guess the first I’d meet is Robinton, the Masterharper of Pern. I’ve known him longer than the others, after all… and that was how it happened, anyway, so why would I want to change anything?  

  7. jean valjean is amazing, but considering i’ve never finished that book….I’ll go with one i know…now the question is… Which one?Darcy’s pretty irresistable, but I think i’ll go with another great literary name…. I’m thinking Knightley from Emma, or Aslan. Knightley is just the kinda guy i wanna meet. i mean, seriously!!! he loves deep… and aslan is just amazing.

  8. RYC: I was making tuna casserole from scratch (I didn’t fish for the tuna myself, however). And it WAS a good excuse to open a bottle of white. =)

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