a friend of mine whom i met while living in ireland lost her father to cancer this morning.

i found out about this from a mutual friend who emailed me this morning to tell me the news.

while i didn’t know this person well, i considered his daughter to be a good friend of mine while living on the emerald isle.

i remember driving somewhere with him, listening and singing along to roger miller’s “king of the road”.

[i’m a man of means, by no means]

this morning after i heard the news, i put that song on my itunes and listened in silence.

he’s in a much better place, but it is still difficult to take.

makes me wish i could be there for my friend.  i can’t imagine losing a parent.


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  1. my heartfelt condolences. A few of my friends lost a parent this year- I also cannot imagine what it is like. Neither of my dad’s parents are alive, however…. we all get to that stage at some point. Hopefully later rather than sooner though…

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