i walked out of target last night with a bag full of things i needed.  responsibility is a necessity, n’est pas?

my list of wants is always much longer than my list of needs, but i couldn’t help but pick up the new björk album [after all, if we don’t buy things for enjoyment from time to time – what motivation does responsibility carry?]

the drive home is approximately ten minutes.  add on a few more as i had to stop by the library to drop off a recently read book.

during that time i only was able to make it through the first song.




i have guided my bones through some voltage
and loved them still
and loved them too


5 thoughts on “

  1. I don’t have any strong feelings either way about Bjork.  She has amazing talent, that’s for sure.  I like her style, but I’m not likely to pick her over other artists if I’m in the mood to listen to music.
    So there you go.  Are you disappointed I’m not an insta-fanatic?

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