don’t feel sorry for me – no matter what you do.

i’m taking a long weekend and navigating the waters of puget sound


to spend time on the washington state peninsula this weekend.

oh, i have no plans except to soak up the sights and the sounds and well, basically do nothing. [though i do plan on taking in a few waterfalls]

according to the b&b that i’ll be staying at – i can expect this as a view:


yeah, but like i said – don’t feel bad for me.

see you monday, friends. :)


9 thoughts on “

  1. thats awesome my friend. enjoy the weekend. any chane you’ll get out to the ho rain forest. that’s my favorite part of the penisula… green, lush, beautiful… and lots of waterfalls!

  2. Bitterness… grrrr…
    Anyway, yeah, that would be a cool pic, and I am on the constant look-out for a Lawrence costume, so the dream may come true one day. Got any camels in your town?
    I am up to something. Who wouldn’t be, in Ireland? I just had to jump into my own pic of Tipparary- or, as it turns out, of the bit of the hill that makes up one side of the gap that frames the view to Tipparary on the Heritage trail…
    Jump into the pic of the Drink for me.

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