time to brag

ok – let’s hear it.

brag about someplace you’ve been, something you have seen, or someone famous you have met.

i can’t help but think that there are some great stories out there in xanga-land.

i’ll go first:

1.) i lived in ireland for a time.

2.) i have met linford detweiler, matt slocum, and josh ritter (all at separate times).

photos of my trip to the peninsula coming soon… :)


9 thoughts on “time to brag

  1. 1. I have been to South Korea, England, and Ireland.
    2. I have met:? Romeo Dallaire (helped him at a book signing), Guy Gavriel Kay, Jack Whyte, Terry Brooks, Diana Gabaldon, Anne Perry, Jean Auel (a friend and I sat next to her in a class, and had a great conversation throughout, then realised as she got up…). Actually, I have great stories for all of these… maybe I’ll bore you sometime…

  2. I’ve lived in South Korea, Turkey and Italy (I call it living when you aren’t really there for the tourism).  I’ve visited Greece.  I’ve met and am friends with way too many important people that aren’t famous.  Hey!  I met you!

  3. 1. I lived in Bolivia. I’ve also been to Peru and Argentina.
    2. I’ve met Bill Clinton (okay, sort of- we shook hands briefly), Andie McDowell, and Newt Gingrich. When in Bolivia, I met lots of people like famous actors, writers, artists, the (then) President, and Congressmen. But no one knows them here.

  4. 1. San Francisco. We went this weekend and it was amazing. We happened upon a Farmer’s Market at Fairy Plaza/Embarcadero Center; there were so many different people and fruit and meat and fish and… it was beautiful. So many different people and not one person was out of place. Our time in SF was only about 5 hours, but it was the best 5 hour vacation EVER.2. No famous people. Not yet. Though my friend Kelli went to college with Adam Sandler and went to HS in Beverly Hills with Bob Dylan’s kids (and as a result knew/knows Bob Dylan). Her HS prom date’s dad is a famous movie producer, and the guy himself went on to produce movies. But I have not directly met anyone famous myself.

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