what a weird last few days.

everything seems to be a blur these past few days, but i guess being sick will do that to a person.  and while i’ve recovered to be about 90%, i still feel as though my mind is trying to get traction through the muddy waters of life.

i’m sure my mind’s wheels will begin grabbing the firm ground of clarity soon [at least i hope it does!]

received a notice from our apartment manager the other day – they’re raising our rent – again.  this time, it’s going up $65 a month beginning august 1st.


because of this, we’re exploring the options of purchasing our own place.

this is both exciting and frightening.

sure, i’ve spent big money before [student loans, to name one], but well, this would be the biggest purchase by far.

so, the plan for now is to sign a short lease with the apartment and begin exploring our options with our local bank.

remember two years ago [those who were with me then] when i was searching for a job?

yeah.  this house-hunt could result in posts like those being made at this blog again.

until i know something more,


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  1. all the best with that! one of my brothers just entered those first steps of purchasing a home. at least in AB’s economy, he could make a very decent profit in a few years upon selling it (but i think he is also the sort of individual who will probably live in that one place for ages). i came across “hey there delilah” last summer. it’s a nice little tune.

  2. Life isn’t a picnic, it’s a banquet!  Some good stuff, some bad stuff, some new adventures & interesting travel companions.  No doubt about that.  I think it’s time for a cocktail.  Free on Thursday aftenoon?

  3. Here’s to life’s journey… never knowing what’s around the bend… amazing where God takes us eh? Think we never will escape those not knowing moments… think it is what keeps us seeking and growing. Many blessings friend! ~K

  4. yeah, i know housing costs out there are pretty high….but it definitely seems smarter to buy (especially now that the housing boom is basically over) than to pay rent each month. anyways…good luck with everything…what an exciting (and understandably scary!) time!

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