dealing with clutter

lately i’ve been in a purging mood.  i’m wanting to simplify more and more.

i find that i don’t want to collect stuff any more just for collecting sake, but rather only keep things that i will actually use.

of course, this process has taken [and will continue to take] time.  i’m partial to some things i have laying around in my bedroom and even though my mind can’t find a reason to keep those items, my heartstrings are tight.

going shopping now is a bit easier.  i ask myself “will i actually use this item, or will it be used for only a short time only to be forgotten later?”

it is amazing how many things i’ve learned i can live without.

i think this is part of the reason why lately i’ve really thought highly of mp3s.  there are exceptions – albums i need to have the jewel case, the liner notes – but for a vast majority of the music i enjoy, i can handle only having digital downloads of [however, this can lead to a cluttered hard drive if one is not careful].

i think what i’m really searching for is simplicity – having what i need – not collecting what i don’t.


4 thoughts on “dealing with clutter

  1. you sound like my dad haha. i remember my mum getting annoyed when she couldn’t find anything in the house, because he had gotten into one of these moods. however, you do bring up a good point!

  2. I get into that mood anytime I am moving. However I find it difficult to get rid of the things that are seemingly junk yet hold huge amounts of sentimental value. Who ever knew that a can of SPAM could hold sentimental value? ;)

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