yesterday, i lost the words i wanted to say.

time and time again, i’m amazed at how much easier it is to formulate thoughts inside of your head when you’ve been given the proper time to do so.

i like to mock the beauty pageant contestants when it comes time to answer a question when i know that i would sound just as bad in my reply as they seem to do given the time they have to answer the questions.

the other day a good friend of mine called.  he is probably 15-20 years older than i [i don’t know.  it doesn’t matter anyway].

he is a man with composure, grace, and an understanding and acceptance of all people from all walks of life – no matter where they find themselves on their journey [and i admire him for this – i really do].

he called to talk.  he had some sad news and he needed a friendly ear.

his beloved dog of 15 years was dying and he did not know if she would make it through the night.

he called just to talk – and i was left speechless.

what little words i could get out i did not feel were adequate but i knew more than anything that he just needed someone to listen, someone to shoulder part of his burden, if only for a moment.

i wish i had had the words to say that would comfort my friend – that would show him a path leading out of this dark time – but i was struck with the realization that he didn’t need that – he just needed a friend.

someone to walk alongside him during this dark, uncertain time.

words are optional – not required [how often i need to remember that].


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  1. One of the things I love about you dear friend is your listening ear. Sometimes there are no words just silence and understanding are enough! :)Many blessings to you on your journey too ;)

  2. Out of everyone he knows – he chose YOU!     That’s special!
    There aren’t a lot of words when a beloved pet is dying…you didn’t ‘blow it’ –   just listen to me and let me share my broken heart. . .
    Pets become more precious to us than some of our ‘human’ relationships. . .

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