my idea of a good night…

my idea of a good night:

1.) a trip to blockbuster to pick up a copy of the latest thriller film i’ve been meaning to see

followed by

2.) dinner at my favorite chinese restaurant


3.) a trip to my favorite local independent record store to pick up a CD i’ve had my eye on [i walked in intending to purchase one CD, but came out with three].  these three to be precise:


and then…

4.) a trip to the grocery store on my way home [listening to sigur ros on the way home] to pick up a pint of my favorite ice cream [i went in to purchase one pint, found out they were on sale, and purchased two]

followed by…

5.) home – to watch the movie, enjoy some ice cream [no, i did not eat both pints – i saved some for later] and spend some time cuddling with my cat. :)

all in all, i’d say this was a pretty good way to spend a friday night. :)


4 thoughts on “my idea of a good night…

  1. Strikingly similar to my idea of a good night. Except, perhaps, skip out on the thriller and find something more artistic or foreign. :) Sigur Ros? Of course! And a good glass of wine to boot. Sorbet instead of ice cream, too.

  2. this sounds perfect. i can’t explain why i like scary movies, because i don’t like being scared…i just do. something about the emotional release that “unrealistic fear” (ie fear experienced while watching an outrageous thriller) allows.
    and food is always a VERY important part of me having a good day/night/life/you name it.
    (just curious…what’s the favorite ice cream?)

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