a christmas tradition?

since 2003, my better half and i have made a tradition of sending out christmas letters to our friends and family – and since 2006 [does that count as tradition yet?] i have posted the letters on this blog.

while the cards have been signed and sent [some of you have cards on the way], it is inevitable that one accidentally forgets to send a christmas card to someone that they should have – though not intentional, it happens nonetheless.

thus, for your reading pleasure – our 2007 christmas letter as written by my much better half [with some specific information removed for a little bit of privacy].  enjoy!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family!    December 2007

As I look back at this year, I find it odd that we still live in the same place.  For so long now, we have been accustomed to dropping everything and moving at various intervals.  In our four years of marriage, we’ve lived in three countries (if you count my internship in Korea), and two US states.  Now that we’ve been in one place for a while, it feels like we are finally beginning to grow some roots.  We have made some special friends and joined a small church, and now we are just doing our best to strengthen the ties we’ve made.

Josh is still saving the world five days a week at XXXXX —an organization that does all sorts of great things for needy people and for the environment, and I am still working at XXXXX —a company that provides commercial mobile structures primarily for construction sites.  Meanwhile, our cats Maggie and Waffle have settled into their chosen careers of sitting in empty Amazon.com boxes.  We are crazy about our girls; they never cease to warm our hearts.

During the first three years of our marriage, we traveled almost exclusively for the sake of our friends’ weddings.  This year, however, we finally took a couple of real vacations!  One weekend we stayed at a little B&B on the Olympic Peninsula.  This was no ordinary Bed & Breakfast…  Located right on the Straight of Juan de Fuca, and serving exquisite five-course breakfasts, it was pure luxury.  We had a marvelous time hiking, taking pictures, exploring the Peninsula, and trying to figure out the bidet.

In October we took our big vacation: we visited Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon with Josh’s sister, Jen.  We enjoyed Vegas (even though we kept expecting to see Gil Grisom investigating some heinous crime), but the best part of our trip by far was driving through Arizona.  In my opinion, there aren’t many activities out there that can beat a good road trip. 

This Christmas we will be taking a quick jaunt over to Boise to celebrate the holiday with some of my family.  The new year should be exciting, too.  In February, we will spend a few nights in Victoria, BC compliments of some time share presentation we sat through.  We also plan on taking another trip sometime towards the end of the year…but we haven’t quite decided where to go. 

The major plan on the 2008 horizon is the purchase of a house.  We haven’t started looking yet, but we are working at getting our financial ducks in a row, and then we’ll talk to our realtor about what type of home we want to buy.  If everything works out, we hope to be in our new house in March or April.  It’s all so thrilling and daunting at the same time…

Well, I guess that’s about it.  Please know that we love you and wish you the best this holiday season.  Until next time…

Josh and Rebecca


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