a look back…

my “top-3s” from 2007 (each subject and “ranking” in random order) –


1.) grand canyon
2.) washington state peninsula
3.) boise, idaho


1.) bjork
2.) arcade fire
3.) over the rhine

(honorable mention to dave matthews band)


1.) the trumpet child – over the rhine
2.) volta – björk
3.) girls and boys – ingrid michaelson

(very honorable mention to neon bible – arcade fire)


1.) seeing the grand canyon for the very first time
2.) receiving phone calls from my friends announcing the arrival of their children into this world
3.) paying off one credit card and most of the other (debt free by march, 2008!)

(two pay raises deserve honorable mentioning as well as deciding that i’m done renting and would like to (and probably will!) buy a home in 2008)


1.) there are always too many to name, aren’t there? :)

special thank you to each one of you for sticking by me this year – your friendship means the world to me.

thank you.



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