i heart thrift stores.

where else can you pick up an old grisham or crichton paperback, a jesus bobble head and hear michael jackson playing over the in store radio as if it were a current top-40?

good times.


2 thoughts on “

  1. They’re nice for occasional visits, but God forbid that you ever have to work there. I walked into a restaurant yesterday to apply for an opening and was struck by how clean everyone was. Oh, yes. I’d forgotten the world outside could be like that, sometimes. Needless to say, I’m quitting. :)

  2. really?? only a few blocks from pike place?? grr, that is funny. we definitely would’ve called you! oh well, it was sort of a fun adventure to walk anyway. we didn’t bother getting the phone numbers of anyone in seattle because we didn’t think we’d have time to see anyone! now we know better. :) next time we will definitely have to arrange something ahead of time. it would have been fun to go out to coffee or something with you and rebecca and just chat together! oh well.

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