a few of my life goals… [in random order]

1.) travel the entire length of I-90 [seattle, wa to boston, ma]

2.) visit every continent in the world [yes, even antarctica – want to come with me?]

3.) try every beer on tap at taphouse [bellevue & seattle, wa]

4.) watch every film that won best picture at the academy awards

5.) find the courage to finally speak my mind and let people know how i really feel

6.) meet you [first coffee/pint/coke/whatever it is you’re drinking is on me]

your turn – what are a few of your life goals?


5 thoughts on “a few of my life goals… [in random order]

  1. josh, i like that first one… that I-90 idea is great and do-able… other than that, I’d say seeing Inter Milan play AC Milan at the San Siro in Milan, watching the Cubs win a World Series (on TV or live at Wrigley), Skydiving anywhere that isn’t Beiseker Alberta, Live in Israel and work there. Those are a few of mine.

  2. Those are such great goals! Really fun sounding. I did take about half of I-90 once… and really loved South Dakota, oddly enough. I want to watch more famous films too and see all the continents. I’ve actually been thinking lots about goals lately. Maybe prompted by moving. I want to get in shape and pay off debt… but those are the boring kind. My more fun goals right now might be to go surfing, spend time in Israel, and go to all fifty states.You are a really great blogger, Josh! I really enjoy your posts like this one that get me thinking more creatively.

  3. To have drinks with that random guy in the picture, because he looks SO MUCH like you. 
    Anyways, go to Syria is #1 goal.  Travel across Canada.  Drive down the entire north-south america.  Buy an old house and restore it. 
    Just to name a few.

  4. I agree with #6 definitely! Too bad we couldn’t have met up when I was still living in WA.:(. You should come to KY sometime though! I’m currently living in Louisville, KY–pretty cool, fun, diverse city–I’ll probably be here a while. Come see me sometime if you can!

  5. Live debt free (I’m sure this goes without saying for most students and former students)
    Visit the U.K.
    Take a leisurely, meandering family road trip to Arizona (we’ll head to B.C. first then go south through WA to see you guys )
    Become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

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