i have so much that i want to say, and yet i cannot seem to find the words which would adequately express how i feel.

there are times when i think that my emotions speak a different language than i do.


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  1. You are home? It’s lovely, no?
    I think my emotions speak in a language all of their own- of colors, and textures, and shifting memories that change with each year as my perspective does. It’s only when I try to put them into words that I get confused.

  2. “Le coeur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connait point.”I just read Pascal for my French lit class and your entry made me think of that.Huzzah for the new video/song! It’s really fantastic & I’m very excited for the EP, too!

  3. RYC: thank you for thinking of me! i hope things are going well in your life – i am rarely on xanga these days, as i don’t even have time to keep up with email correspondence :( but it’s good to hear from you. hope you’re having a lovely spring!

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