i realized something about myself on the bus ride home last night – i love receiving props for my posts.

i guess i went through a “phase” where i felt that if the masses were not landing on my blog’s doorstep to offer their props, then what i had to say must not have been good enough [or something].

“hi, my name is josh, and i’m an e-prop whore”

i think that is/was part of my problem – part of my recent funk – i put too much pressure on myself to come up with something clever to write that would guarantee me comments when i returned to work the following morning.

enough.  it ends here, now.

i’m going back to writing how i feel when i feel it and heck, i’m not going to worry about what other people think [and possibly may or may not say] about my entry.



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  1. I think we are all deep down eprop whores lol :)  I’ve recently realized that my life is no longer as interesting as it once was.  I went from a teen mom to a 20 something mom, home owner, soon to be college grad and wife…I guess responsible adults aren’t that interesting. lol ohhh well!

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