the weekend hasn’t started yet and i’m already tired.

i’ve got to admit, i’m feeling somewhat melancholy lately.  life feels as though it was been put on “repeat” and i’m on my umpteenth spin through the same chorus:

watch tv


is it human nature to always want to have something to look forward to?  and, why is it that in times of stillness i have trouble enjoying the silence of life?

so many questions – questions that i struggle to find answers for.


2 thoughts on “

  1. my friend matt is convinced we’re all robots just doing the same thing everyday. i see it differently though. you live each day the some but take different things from it, learn different things, experience different moods, different people. i think life is an exciting routine sometimes. it’s hard to balance silence, stillness and business, ha and routine. but good lucky doing that,

    i hope this made sense.

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