i have always felt less than adequate when it comes to holding my own in any sort of theological conversation.

i think i irritate people by my ability to accept by faith things not of this world while others around me are so quick to spend hours debating with one another the different theological viewpoints all the while dropping big words into their conversation [words i cannot spell let alone understand].

a friend of mine the other day shared that we should ‘live to our understanding’ – so, even though i won’t be getting into any theological discussions anytime soon, i can live to what i do understand and accept the rest on faith and faith alone.


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  1. i hope this encourages you… there is a whole tradition in the christian faith (and the ‘big words’ for it is apaphatic theology or ‘negative theogoly’) in that to begin to talk about God and faith, one needs to be speechless. God cannot be defined and to try to define God or define faith is to take away from who God is.  and i think that is a really good place to be.  if you haven’t read the book “the cloud of unknowing” by an anyomous author, you really should check it out–i twould probably be really cool to read.  anyway, i don’t think you could actually put faith into words or argue for God.  anyone that is trying hard to do that is doing so fruitlessly.  nothing in christianity makes sense: the word made flesh, the god made flesh, brokeness being redeemed-and its beautiful because of that!

  2. I think I have the exact opposite problem.  When I get into theological conversations I get all heady, like I know something.  I feel ridiculous about it now because Krista and I never really found a church down here.  So I’ve become one of “those people”… who do not go to church, but still think (or at least act like they think) they know everything they need to know about God and theology.

  3. thanks for the heads-up on the book, SoliDeoGratia – i’ll have to check it out – in fact – i just put in on my holds list at the local library! :)i appreciate all of the feedback you guys are offering – thanks!! :)

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