random thoughts

sometimes, i feel as though i need a weekend to recover from my weekend.


my better half bought a new camera over the weekend so those long-awaited photographs of the townhouse we purchased will be coming sooner rather than later. [i guess this means i need to do a bit of tidying up!]

have i mentioned that i love my new vacuum?  it really sucks.

booked a rental car for our trip east of the cascades for the 4th of july holiday weekend.  should be a good time of seeing family and friends.

making plans to attend my 10-year high school reunion in august [has it really been 10 years?] – not sure who will be there, but i’m curious to see what happened to who.  as far as i know none of us are millionaires [yet].

finishing up the namesake – next book on my list: the photograph – looks as though i’m going through a phase where the books i read are two word titles beginning with “the”.

working on james chapter one where he says to listen before speaking and let anger trail behind.  how often i get things mixed up.

i like email, but there is nothing like a handwritten letter received in my mail box.  perhaps i should start writing folks in hopes that they will write me back.


7 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. thanks. but the moving is off. we cant do it now. i am very disappointed and absolutely angered. i am very excited to have this baby. it seems as though i have been pregnant much longer than 8, almost 9 months. Ash

  2. i love this entry, sincerely i do. in the most “this american life” sort of way.thanks for visiting my site.clare

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