oh happy happy day…

i just purchased my tickets to spend an evening with these guys.  the show is in october here in seattle.

only three months and eight days… :)  [not that i’m counting or anything]


4 thoughts on “oh happy happy day…

  1. Thanks for stopping by!  I love the photos, especially the one of the cat & the blinds.  I’m sure you weren’t happy but I am laughing at that picture!!!!!  Funny that you stopped by, my DH & I have been looking at a job in WA state!  

  2. Hurray for getting to cross events off the lifetime ‘to-do’ list  I hope you have a great time at the concert! One night in April, Steve (Davis) and another friend came over to my place  with a bottle of red wine and the dvd of the free concert series Sigur Ros did in their home country…it was very cool!

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