i bit the bullet.

our 2001 chevy was on its last leg.  we had been putting in $200-$400 worth of repairs every 3-6 months, and i found out the other day that the car was only valued at $1000. [it had about 115k miles on it already…]

talk about depressing.

on top of that, my better half’s “sixth sense” was telling her that the car was not going to last us much longer.

i’m trying to make it a habit [i fail more than i succeed, but i’m learning] of listening to my better half’s intuition when it comes to, well, everything.

with that said, yesterday, i bought her a new [well, new to us] car:

2007 nissan sentra – with only 18k miles on it.  since it was for my better half, i splurged and added on the extended warranty through nissan, because, well, i want to make sure she’s taken care of in the event of something happening.

plus, we’re friends not only with the salesman we purchased the car from, but the car dealership owner as well. [who said going to church can’t provide you with connections?]. :)

because of this already established relationship with them, i felt comforable giving them my business knowing that they would do their best to get me the best deal possible.

anyhow… photos:

we haven’t told my parents yet.  we’re going over to see them for the long weekend, and are planning on surprising them when we get there. :)

can’t wait to take this new car out of the puget sound region and onto the open highway!


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  1. actually and technically? Today.   lol..She and Jen even helped a bit to get me the job.  I am currently taking a “class” there and I did have to sign on to work there for a year. So, I guess I will be working there for a year. They have a schlorship program to help me in nursing school. Every once in a while I get to smile at your mom and say, “hi,” which is another added bonus.

  2. thanks for your comment about the morning sickness thing! i was searching for a good analogy about how gross i felt… so i am really glad that it worked! :) i always appreciate your comments!

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