travels, lately

i wanted the photographs to speak for themselves, but these next three do need an introduction in order for you to know just how cool this is.  the next three photos are of dry falls, which was at one point in time the largest waterfall in the world – 10 times the size of niagara. [it has since dried up, as you can see].

dam! [no, literally]

even travels can be delicious!


that’s all for now.  photos of the townhouse to come really soon. :)

happy friday, friends. :)


15 thoughts on “travels, lately

  1. brighten up that plains pic before the baseball pic and you could have yourself an alternate Windows Desktop picture… LOL… nice shots buddy!

  2. Awesome shots :) What camera are you using these days? I’m in the dreaming stage of getting one right now.On another note you are looking fab my friend… so how much weight have you lost?

  3. @passing_it_on – thanks!  the photographs were taken on a nikon coolpix p80 – while it’s nothing “fancy” per se, it does a great job at taking photographs for just about any skill far as weight loss goes, i’m down 30 pounds so far… :)

  4. @SixpenceNTR24 – Wow Good for you! Seems to be so much easier to gain than to lose. I am about to go back on my diet plan of teaching and stress to lose the weight I have gained ;) Lost 15 lbs in my first year of teaching. Hope to do the same this year!

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