lay your cards on the table…

  i can’t help myself in asking this question.

if the election were held today, who would you vote for?

obama/biden or mccain/palin?

or… other?

[canadians, i want to hear from you as well…]


13 thoughts on “lay your cards on the table…

  1. I’m currently an Obama voter, as strange as it may be cuz I’m a Catholic/Christian…but his views on economic and even the death penalty appeals more to me than McCain does.

  2. Since you only gave two options, I guess that means I can’t pretend Ron Paul is still in the race, huh? McCain certainly is not my first choice for President, but there is no way I’d vote for Obama. Not only do I not trust the guy, but I think he’s a fool… his response to Iran being a prime example of that. More than that, though, I can’t personally vote for somebody who says he cares about the health of Americans but is fine with killing the smallest of them. So, McCain/Palin for me!

  3. TODAY!!!??? But I still have 2 months of snarky television ads and “I’m going to change the whole world, cure cancer, end poverty” speeches!! You’re going to take that away from me??Mccain/Palin for me too. 

  4. I’m just excited that I can no longer use my longstanding joke of saying (when asked who I voted for): “I voted for the rich white guy, the one who ran with that other rich white guy.”Much as I admire John McCain for all the things he’s done throughout his career, and while I also find Palin adorable (seriously, are we allowed to have an executive officer about which the word “hot” can be used un-ironically), I look at the policies he’s promoting & not promoting, and I have to say that I’m still probably going to vote Obama/Biden.  Not that it matters, though – Washington is a Blue state, and that’s not going to change.

  5. I am going for Obama/Biden, but I’m not entirely excited.I was so disappointed when Obama got the nomination over Clinton.What’s on my mind? Economics. Health Care. Energy.Obama does lack experience, and some of his ideas are a bit far fetched, but I feel he’s headed in the right direction–and he has Biden’s experience to help him out.Palin is adorable though. We were discussing her great glasses and hair at work today.She certainly has style. :)Who are you voting for?

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