can i be honest?

the people i [personally] have the hardest time with are those who are against abortion yet pro capital punishment.


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  1. my view is that *one* had a choice, the *other* does not. aka…Joesph Duncun and what he did.If I ruled the world ;0): If you do the deed, then you pay for your stint in jail. No free ride, cable, free meals. Life in jail would be hard-not relaxing. Crimes against children would be a one shot deal, no 3 strikes balarky.Maybe I should run for VP

  2. I’m really glad for your honesty, even though I might belong in that category. I wouldn’t say that I’m pro capital punishment in all of it’s current forms, but I do believe that the right to life extends to putting to death those who have committed (and will again, if given the chance) the most heinous crimes against humanity, such as Pol Pot or Hitler or Saddam Hussein.

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