life has been interesting as of late.

i think i’m getting to that point in life now where i need to be careful about what i eat and how much of “what” i eat.

my metabolism is slowing down, yes, but at the same time my heart gets all jumpy if i have too much sugar or too much salt.

ah, the joys of having to read the nutrition labels on foods.

i’ve started going on walks more regularly.  i was reading about the health benefits to those who take a brisk walk of 30 minutes or more a day, 5 days a week.

this is easier said than done as my mind is always telling me, “oh, you can wait until later when you feel like it” but if i don’t get my butt in gear i end up being a lazy bum and just watching old reruns of cheers or seinfeld to fill in what little free time i have these days.

tonight, with the rainy weather [but i live in seattle, so it’s expected] i wandered around a local mall.

i prefer going to this smaller mall because a.) it’s smaller and b.) smaller mall = fewer people.

i was able to get in some good walking time, all the while accompanied by one of my favorites [and one of your future favorites if they aren’t already] – sigur ros.

is there anything more random than power walking through a macy’s  department store listening to sigur ros?  [ok, so there probably is]


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  1. I got winded doing the hokey pokey today…. think that is a sign I need to work out more. Mind you this was a well involved hokey pokey! … Thanks for your comments… they always brighten my day! I have been thinking about a mac — but our school has an elaborate network and the compatability issues with macs and printing still hasn’t been resolved. I also am a mac dummy and I don’t know if I want to learn how to operate a mac ;)

  2. i definitely think it’s great to think about your health!  and if you get sigor ros involved…even better!   i actually had to stop running this past spring because i was getting sick so much (unrelated, but it sucked the energy from me), but have kept up yoga.  yoga is fabulous and there is a free video podcast (Yogamazing) that I would recommend highly. more importantly though, i would recommend eating non-processed food.  even though I stopped running, i cut out processed food (and sugar substitutes like splenda) and still lost weight, even though I was eating more fat and more real sugar.  i’m still working on cutting out sugar (even though the real stuff is better than the fake stuff….sugar is still sugar), but those jelly bellys keep getting to me!   anyway, just my two cents, but i think real is better for you and better tasting to boot!hope you are doing well!

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