on music, postage and rilke

why is it that i sometimes experience this fear of listening to popular music – as if i am going to be judged by those who hear me listening to said music?

it’s as if it’s not obscure enough, i will be criticized for listening to [insert popular band/artist here].

i think people want to stand out – to be unique.  perhaps it’s our way of breaking the mold – of breaking people’s expectations that they put on us.

the same could be said for just about anything [not just music] – literature, the clothes we wear, the job we work – the list could go on and on…

i’m trying to learn to like what i like without fear of what anyone else might say or think.

i mailed a package to a friend the other day.  it makes me wish that for a mere $8.12 i could mail myself across the country instead.

sending small tokens of things that i have been blessed to discover is good, don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing like time spent with a friend.

i was fortunate enough to pick up some rilke this past weekend while browsing through a local used bookstore.  the first sentence from this particular book knocked me over and i still have not been able to find a way to intellectually wrap my mind around it:

i tell you that i have a long way to go before i am – where one begins…

i read and read and reread that line over and over again on the bus the other day. 


traveling mercies.


7 thoughts on “on music, postage and rilke

  1. Oh god Rilke is my number one favorite poet. I used to get teased before in my blog because I post Rilke poems a lot — because for some it is overly cheesy. I don’t really care — we really connect. Try his Letters to a young poet for his insights about writing :)

  2. It is only in the past couple of years that I feel okay with admitting that I like, nay prefer, fiction books. I choose suspense novels over biographies any day. I am a mom who loves her minivan over any other car. And I’m not scared to say that I like my coffee with both cream AND sugar. ;)

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