i have a million things that i wish i had time to do, but when free time comes to possibly accomplish one or two of the things on my own personal “to-do” list, i find myself lethargic and uninterested in getting anything done.

instead, i find myself either taking a nap or goofing off online [reading the news, playing a game, updating my fantasy baseball team] only to feel ashamed of myself later for not accomplishing anything at all.

the kitchen could use a good cleaning, the bedrooms would like to see a vacuum, i want to write a letter to a friend and actually mail it, i’d like to spend the better part of a day cooking healthy meals so i’m not tempted to go out and eat because it’s quick and easy and phone calls should be made.

i’m trying to watch what i eat as i’ll admit, lately i haven’t been eating very healthy [my body reminds me of this by keeping me up at night when i’m not kind to it].  instead of looking for a long term goal, i need to take this challenege moment by moment, meal by meal.  sure, i’m still down 30 pounds from where i was, but i really need to get on the wagon on weightloss again.  i feel better when i do.

i’m going to try to make a start and show up at this blog as much as i can and just write.  i’m not sure what direction this will take, but at least i feel like it is step in the right direction.

traveling mercies.


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