inspiration and bulbs

where are you when your best thoughts come to you?  is there a “usual spot” [location, place in thought] that you find yourself in when inspiration strikes?

i’ve been trying to live in the moment – to not miss anything [seen or unseen] and to tell you the truth, it has been a freeing practice for me.  there is certainly a lot to life that cannot be written down or explained in any way we humans are capable of expressing [and that can be a beautiful thing].

a little over a week ago, a headlamp went out in my car.  “no problem”, i thought, “i’ll just get a new bulb and replace it”.

sixteen dollars later, i had the new bulb, but had no idea how to take the old bulb off from the wires connecting it to the car.

i fiddled with it for the better part of a half hour one day and twenty minutes the next, to no success.

finally, i emailed my friend who works for the dealership i bought the car from – “bring it in” he said.

even he couldn’t figure out how to get the old bulb off.

finally, we decided to drive the car over to the shop where they do repairs at the dealership to see if they could pop the old bulb off for me.  “take good care of this guy, he’s a friend of mr [dealership owner’s name]” said my friend.

within 2 seconds of my popping the hood, they had the old bulb off and were asking for the new one.

i’m thankful for the friends i have and for the connections i have.  what a blessing.

traveling mercies,


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