when i was a child…

…i used to get a postcard in the mail every october [my birth month] for a free happy meal.

in and of itself, this was a welcome piece of mail – how often does a little kid get something with his name on it in the mail, anyway?

only problem was – the “toy” that came with the happy meal was the same EVERY OCTOBER which really wasn’t all that exciting.

the toy?


mcdonald’s halloween pails.

i can handle one year of getting a plastic pail, but after many years of getting the SAME THING every time, what’s a kid to do?  i only had so many legos i needed to sort in to different containers.  needless to say, i was bitter for many years. [well, as “bitter” as a kid can be getting a free hamburger].

now that i’ve got that off my chest… ;)

traveling mercies,


One thought on “when i was a child…

  1. I haven’t seen those in years! I wish I still had one of those. :DI can understand the frustration though. My birthday is the day after St Patrick’s Day… who wants to get green stuff every year?

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