trying to simplify

i’ve slowly been trying to simplify my life – getting rid of things i don’t really need: first, donating what i can to charity and second throwing out things that don’t have business to be in anyone’s possession any more.

i went through some pack-rat tendencies during my high school and college days that has now finally started to overwhelm me.  perhaps this is my spring-cleaning before my 30s, i don’t know.

books are the hardest thing for me to purge myself of.  and to be honest, there are very few books i have given away [and if i do, it’s to someone who could really use it].  i’m proud of my library and its contents.  it’s a long way from where i’d like it to be, but it’s so much closer to that goal than it was even a year ago.

it’s the knick-knacks that drive me crazy.  the, “oh, i’m sure i’ll find a use for this someday” things that i never do find a use for.  i have to battle that thought time and time again as i continue my purging.

do you struggle with collecting stuff you don’t need?  how have you learned to rid yourself of all of those extras?  or are you like me and find yourself to be a pack rat?

traveling mercies,


4 thoughts on “trying to simplify

  1. I can be such a pack rat!  I do the same thing, “maybe I’ll need this some day”, “oh this would be good for..”, etc.  Every so often I clean a part of that “house”, but books are my big weakness as well. 

  2. I think my biggest help was moving all the time, it makes you want to get rid of junk just so you don’t have to pack it and move it yet again!  Or, just watch one of those pack-rat shows that are on now and you’ll be so grossed out you’ll cringe at the thought of becoming THAT pack-ratty (although, by comparison, you may seem extremely normal, so it could have the opposite effect)! Mostly just think of what really means something to you and what you might ACTUALLY use (if you’ve had it for quite a while thinking you’ll use it, but have yet to, you can probably ditch it).  Also, how easy would it be to re-aquire said item if you REALLY needed it (aka- a plunger.  I haven’t used mine in a long time, but when you need one you need one, and fast!)  I tend to save stuff I think I could use on a set model some day or similar such things, but really, how hard is it to go to Wal-Mart or Ben Franklin or wherever and buy a new piece of foam core or the like, rather than saving the scraps of that ratty overused piece just in case?!  I guess I still have some of my own purging to do, although my apt’s always seem so sparse it’s hard to get rid of more stuff knowing I still have space that needs furnishing.  What a conundrum!GOOD LUCK!  Purging is fun, just remember it’s only stuff.  Think about what you’d miss if it all burned up and start there, keeping what you know you’d get again if you could and what you’d miss that is irreplaceable.  Bon Voyage!

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