i’ve never been to winnipeg before [yet]

but come 2011, the plan is to make a road-trip there for a friend’s wedding.

i’ll have to start planning my route along the way – so many friends to see [and maybe stay with?], pints to enjoy, books to read.

i love a good road trip.  can’t wait.

as for 2010, i need to get something on the calendar either here, there, or somewhere in the middle.


7 thoughts on “i’ve never been to winnipeg before [yet]

  1. aww, I’m so excited to see you all too!!! Seriously though I just about squealed. If you guys plan on driving east ( or back west ) stateside then let me know, I can totally hook you up with a place to stay here in the beautiful black hills. It’s about an 11 hour drive from Wpg so a it’s a good place to stop for the night and sight see the next day. 

  2. @theregoi – we’re looking forward to it, tina!  actually, yes, that would be awesome if you knew of places we could stay on the way home.  i think the initial plan is to drive up through canada and come home through the states.  any places to stay along the way home would be awesome. :)

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