where i’m at right now

i know it is not my job to make people happy, but i struggle with trying to embrace this fact as it is in my nature to do all i can to make sure that people are happy all the time.

this isn’t my battle, yet i continue to fight it.


2 thoughts on “where i’m at right now

  1. And in the battling, you win. Seriously, the fact that you continue to struggle, against all reason, to attempt to bring joy to those around you puts you in a league of your own. The truth, of course, is that the only person who can make one miserable or happy is oneself. Sometimes though, the knowledge that a friend is there wanting to make it better for one is enough to cause one to try not to dwell on the difficulties (which everyone has), but on the blessings (which again, everyone has). Just try to remember that without pain, joy would be meaningless, and no one is happy all the time, least of all those who aren’t happy unless everyone else is. Thanks for your constant caring!!! You’re Awesome!

  2. At least you care about other’s happiness. . . even though not your responsibility to keep me happy all the time. . . as opposed to some ‘people’ who are supposed to care about me and absolutely don’t give a rip.      There must be a happy medium. . .

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