my weekend, in words

top pot doughnuts.  getting off work early.  chabon.  party with friends and family.  curry.  white elephant gift exchange.  tiered tealight candle holder.  six am wake up call.  drive to the airport.  solo road trip.  karin and linford. bob dylan.  the beatles.  hugs all around.  opening presents.  gift cards.  shopping at an independent bookstore.  coming away with a treasure.  wii bowling tournament with family.  cousins win, dad and uncle pull up the rear.  pizza.  pop.  pie.  dollar store gift exchange.  a new book.  breakfast.  liquidation shopping.  coming up empty but still having fun.  slurpees.  a new lego set.  starbucks, my treat. farewell hugs.  drive home.  karin and linford.  josh ritter.  thoughts of friends.  home to my cats.

traveling mercies,


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