a childhood quest

one of my goals this year is to put together a lego castle that i had when i was a child.  oh, i have other more exciting “grown-up” goals for this year, but this is one of the goals that i am most excited about.

i went through my collection of loose lego pieces that i had in my possession and found myself to be short some of the important pieces that i’ll need to complete the project – the problem? – some of the pieces have long since been discontinued as they are no longer made any more.  the solution?  i found a great website – bricklink.com – that allows you to buy/sell sets, pieces, instruction manuals, etc.  basically, it’s my idea of heaven in a website.

i was able to find most of the pieces that i am short, so i am hoping to begin placing orders in the coming days to get those missing pieces.

as for the missing piece that i can’t find at the moment, “call me ishmael.” :)

traveling mercies,


4 thoughts on “a childhood quest

  1. I watched an episode of Mythbusters tonight that made me think of your goal… they tried to roll a ball made of 1 million legos down a hill:)  It took them two weeks to make it; it was pretty impressive.

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