so many pages, so little time

i have this habit of starting multiple books at the same time.

someone may come up to me and ask me what i’m currently reading only expecting to hear one title, but will hear a list of four, five, or even six titles that i am currently somewhere in the process of reading.

variety is the spice of life?

i think that this is a good thing and a bad thing.  good in that i’m reading so much more than i ever have been and am not limiting myself to just one book.  bad in that it takes me longer to finish one book.

still, i can’t help but smile when i see what books i’ve introduced myself to [either by luck at the library or book store, through a friend, or by some other means].

and, in my defense, i’m nearly done with two.  the question is, will i pick up two more before i finish the four i’m still working on?

i’ve got to start writing again.  i miss it.

someone suggested the other day that i try an experiment and write while i have my itunes play list on shuffle and just write for ten or fifteen songs and see where that writing takes me.  i just may have to do that.

i’m going through a, “when i grow up, i want to be like flannery o’connor” phase.

i love the short story.

traveling mercies,


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