moving away from comfort

i’m like a hobbit.  i like a comfortable life, free of anything out of the ordinary or anything that would cause me to leave my comfortable situations for something unknown.

i think that that needs to change in 2010.  i need to take more risks and put myself out there even if the end results are not what i was hoping for.

of course, this is all easier said than done…

traveling mercies,


5 thoughts on “moving away from comfort

  1. Ha ha. My acting teacher last year told us we need to “become comfortable with being uncomfortable” I’m good at this in some things, but terrible at it in others. It’s a process.

  2. You’re like a hobbit in the comfortable/wandering dichotomy, but also in the welcoming/friendliness way as well.  Though your house is, sadly, not a cool underground burrow, nor does it smell pleasantly of damp earth.  I’ve come to the conclusion a mission trip is what I need as well – let me know if you hear about anything local/distant.

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