what’s your passion?

i had the privilege of spending a few minutes this morning talking with a good friend of mine over coffee.

i was sharing with her [among other things] how envious i am of my lovely and how she knows what her passion is in life [photography].  i mentioned that i wish i knew what my passion is like my lovely does, to which my friend replied, “you do.”

and the thing is, she’s absolutely right.

why am i always the hardest one to convince?

traveling mercies,


2 thoughts on “what’s your passion?

  1. I am envious of your lovely too (in a good happy way) :) She’s really good at what she does. For that matter, I’m envious of you too, because you’re also so good at what you do! Seriously, Josh, I always look forward to reading the poetic ease of your words. (though I don’t mean to imply that writing itself is easy)

  2. I am also kind of jealous I wish I was as creative as she is with a camera, but you have a passion Josh, and you have such amazing gifts that give you a gateway to making your passion something you can share with everyone. Your a deep soul Josh and one that is a blessing to all around you. Both you and Rebecca inspire me.C

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