tuesday thoughts

as i had feared, i also deleted about 10,000 words from my nanowrimo story i completed last fall during last weekend’s epic cleaning of my desktop.

oh well.  worse things have [and will] happen[ed].

i’m getting cranky today for random reasons.  one in particular was a woman who needed help with a program that the company i work for has on their website.

throughout her correspondence in email, she kept referring to me as “jake”.  multiple times, in fact.

i can accept this from friends [it’s a name-play on my first and last name, i get it], but from a complete stranger?  makes me wonder if they even care about what i’m trying to say to them.

i know it’s just me, but i want to ask them, “did you even read what i just said?  really?”

i know it’s not that big of a deal and i know that i shouldn’t get bent out of shape over it, but i did.

i need to start my own personal savings account.  don’t get me wrong, i have an account for my personal use that is aside from the joint account with which we use to pay our bills and save, it’s just that i would like to start saving up for something i want.

lately, i’ve been spending six dollars here for lunch, five dollars here for that, and it adds up until i don’t have anything left but an empty feeling of regret [and an eventually hungry stomach].

i don’t have anything in mind for what i would like to be saving up for, but i would like to start saving a little bit for my own rather than spending money on meals, concert tickets and sporting event tickets that i so frequently buy.

when do you know what to buy and when do you know to let something go for another time?

i recently amended my amazon wishlist to only the items i really want to have in my possession and really have use for.  it’s down to ten items now and i think i might be able to purge further if i really tried.

i want to simplify my life, not add more clutter to it.

how do you simplify your life?

traveling mercies,


3 thoughts on “tuesday thoughts

  1. I try only to buy stuff that a) I have thought in advance that I would want if I ever found it, b) that makes me so incredibly happy I just know I will regret not buying it, and/or c) that I have been wanting for a long time. I think that thinking out the implications of how long I will appreciate it makes all the difference for me. I’m also a big fan of purging stuff that I do not either know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. Ultimately, I want to love everything that we own.And what a bummer about accidentally deleting your stuff! I’m sorry, that really stinks!

  2. Yeah, we only have one joint account for everyday things, and then we have our joint savings account with ING. I’ve been thinking about opening up my own tax-free savings account, though, to help me save up for photography school (and avoid further taxation).

  3. Noooooo! Oh, goodness, that’s terrible news about the story loss. I’m sorry. Is there no way to recover it?I hate when people who don’t know me well (slightly beyond even acquaintance level) call me by any shortening of my name. I don’t know why, except that maybe I’m more old fashioned than most. I don’t mind the nicknames once someone knows me… but until then… I wish I could tell people not to be so casual!I’m an impulse buyer myself and have been since my son was born. There’s just about nothing to do where I live in PA (no infrastructure) except wander around big-box stores when I need to get out of the house. I hope I can shake that when I move to Boston… but for now, simplifying would involve changing too many habits that only help me to preserve my sanity. Plus, it’s nice to finally have a bit of disposable income for the first time in my life. :)

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