retreats, talks and stories

have you ever taken a personal/silent retreat?

it is something that has been on my mind lately and i’m thinking about taking one sometime this calendar year.

a friend of mine was kind to point out suggestions for places that i could go that cater to that sort of thing and i think i’ve found one that i would like to check out located on whidbey island that operates on the belief that they should charge you “whatever fee ‘gives you joy'”.

i like the idea of taking a day/weekend and spending time alone not speaking – something about that appeals to me.  of course, i would like to bring my journal and a spiritual book or two that i am working through.

yesterday’s session with my therapist was wonderful.  i always feel like i go in there with nothing to say or share and come out having talked for the entire ninety minutes, feeling like i made some headway in the things that i am working through.

for whatever reason, i am not ashamed to admit that i see a therapist twice a month.  it’s almost as though i am able to own this part of me and admit that, “hey, it’s ok.”

i need to start writing again.  my short story deadline is at the end of this month and already i’m back at square one.

i’m not worried about it though – i feel a burst of inspiration is just around the corner and something beautiful is going to come of it.



3 thoughts on “retreats, talks and stories

  1. I’ve never been ashamed that I’ve gone to a therapist either. I think I was lucky to have been largely sheltered from any sense of it being taboo while I was growing up. It’s good for everyone, I think, to know that it’s not something that has to be taboo, and that it’s really a healthy exercise.

  2. Therapy saves lives, and it makes them livable. Medication should never be mentioned, though; someone might think you’re a little, you know… (Everyone already knows I’m a little you know.) I’m grieving all your lost words, but so excited to see what will take root in your loss. Creations are a bit ruthless that way, using up all the nutrients the fallen no longer need.

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