silence and presence

i’m sitting at my desk here at work and for the first time all day, it’s quiet here.

the ventilation system has just shut off for the evening, so the only sounds i currently hear is a small compact fridge near my desk and my keyboard as my fingers find the appropriate letters on the keypad.

i cherish these moments of quiet, of solitude.

they don’t come often enough, do they?

it seems like we’re always hurrying up to do something and do it fast that we forget to take time and just be.

lately, i’ve been working on really trying to be in the moment.  i have a difficulty with being fully present in any given situation.  those who know me best probably already know this about me.

it’s not that i’m not interested in what is going on, it’s just that my mind is always also somewhere else no matter where i am.

it is both a blessing and a curse.

anyway, i’ve been learning to focus myself completely on one “thing” at a time and it has been a difficult exercise for me.  i think i’ve managed to be fully present twice this week and in those moments i felt complete peace. 

i wish i had an on/off switch that i could use that would help me get to that place more often.

what are some ways that you are able to be fully present in a given situation?  am i the only one who struggles with this [most of the time]?

traveling mercies,


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