let me fill you in on a little secret…

writing does not come easy to me.

more times than not, i write something down and then come back and revisit it later only to think, “now, what the heck was i thinking when i wrote that?”

i can’t count the number of times i edit and re-edit a project i worked on.  seems like every piece i write is a constant work in progress.  this blog has been an exercise for me in just getting words out with the personal understanding that once i press “save changes”, i cannot go back and edit anything, save for but a minor errors such as spelling or grammar.

out of the blue this afternoon, i had the ending to my short story.  it wasn’t like i was looking for where to take the story, but the perfect ending just happened to run across my mind and i was fortunate enough to grab on and store it in my memory banks before it ran across the screen of my mind and in to eternity.

the thing i like about the ending the most is that it leaves it to the individual reader to come to their own conclusion about what happened.

for one reader, it may end this way, for another, it may end that way.  it’s a totally subjective ending.  it’s almost as if two people can read the same story until the very end and then all of the sudden, “WHAM!” it ends, this way or that.

gosh, all of this hype i’m giving it here – can i even begin to live up to these expectations i have for myself?

i’ll be heading home this weekend for a long weekend with the family.  lovely and i took of friday and monday to spend in spokane with my family.  lovely’s sister will be flying up from boise to spend some time with us too.

at first, i was weirded out a little bit at how well our families get along – “this isn’t natural, is it?” i thought early on.  now, i just feel so blessed that the friendships and relationships formed between our two families flow seamlessly together.

the girls will be going out gambling at one [or many] of the local casinos, while my dad and i will take in a hockey game and enjoying cheap arena food.  can’t wait.

the other day, my mom told me that they had decided to get rid of the land-line at the house and only use their cell phones.  my dad had been wanting to get rid of the land-line for quite some time and i think his losing his job recently only made the decision that much easier to make as a way to save money.

i was happy to hear that they are finding ways to save money, but i have to admit, there was a part of me that felt a sense of loss at no longer having that phone number.  throughout all of my life i had the same number – it was one of the first things i ever memorized and now it’s gone, just like that.

i have so much more happening in my life right now that i want to write about – to allow anyone who happens to read this a small glimpse in to my world – but it will have to wait for another day.  i fear that this entry is already far too long.

traveling mercies,


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