i’m coming up short on my word count for my short story.

oh, i’ll finish, i’m just not sure if i’ll reach my goal of seven thousand words by the end of the month.

we’ll see what happens.

i could use another sudden burst of inspiration.

life has thrown me a lot of curve balls lately and i’m having to learn how to time my swing against them. [sorry for the baseball analogy there].

there is only so much that i can control, and as for the stuff that i can’t control, i feel helpless.  i wish i knew what to do.

in good-news-land, lovely and i are now one thousand dollars further ahead in life.  thanks to our tax refund, we were able to put five hundred in to savings, put five hundred towards the credit card and give some money to charity [not to mention keep a little bit of money for each of us for a little bit of spending money].

i see where i want to be financially and it frustrates me that that destination seems so far down the road.

oh well.  one step at a time.

traveling mercies,


3 thoughts on “thoughts

  1. I’m having a hard time taking it one step at a time too. I know we’re doing well and that we’ll soon be more than on track…but it’s hard to just wait. I never realized just how much I’m an instant gratification junkie until I started analyzing my spending and saving habits.

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